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Open Quote MarkThis updated edition contains the original version of William Strunk’s grammar classic, plus a variety of enhancements, including new chapters on capitalization and style rules for better writing.Close Quote Mark

Generations of college students and writers have learned the basics of English grammar from this short book. It was rated “one of the 100 most influential books written in English” by Time in 2011, and iconic author Stephen King recommended it as a grammar primer that all aspiring writers should read.

Written a century ago, Strunk’s book is a nostalgic link to the Art Deco era and the Roaring Twenties. Many of the grammar rules listed in his book still apply today; but the English language has changed over the years, and some of these rules have are now obsolete. This updated Classic Edition addresses these changes and provides the following enhancements and additional content:

1. This 2018 update adds two new chapters requested by college professors and students: Basic Rules of Capitalization and Style Rules for Better Writing.

2. Editor’s notes have been inserted throughout the book to flag grammar rules that are become obsolete and to provide up-to-date advice for students and writers.

3. Emojis have been added to help readers identify correct examples from errors at a glance.

4. A Study Guide is included in the last chapter, and the paperback version includes blank, lined pages in the back of the book for note taking.

5. The e-book version has been restyled for improved display on the latest generations of digital book-reading devices.

This handbook gives students and writers a blueprint that they can follow to write clearly and effectively while learning the fundamental rules of English Grammar.

Open Quote Mark If you are reading The Elements of Style for an academic course or to improve your writing, this companion workbook can help you to memorize and self-test your knowledge of English grammar rules.Close Quote Mark

This essential workbook is designed for readers of the three most popular versions of William Strunk’s grammar classic, The Elements of Style. It can be used by readers of Strunk’s original work, now in the public domain; the “Strunk and White” editions by E.B. White; and The Elements of Style: Classic Edition (2018). Readers of other grammar textbooks and ESL/EFL learners also may find this workbook useful for mastering the fundamental rules of English grammar.

Learning grammar may seem like a boring task, but it is a must for students who wish to do well in their courses and for writers who want to improve their grammar and style. This comprehensive workbook presents a series of 27 quizzes with 626 questions, multiple-choice answers, and a convenient scoring key. Some quizzes drill on grammar rules covered in all versions of The Elements of Style; others are keyed to a specific edition.

To derive the most benefit from this workbook, you should complete a few quizzes each day. Take note of your correct and incorrect answers to reinforce the underlying grammar rules. Be sure that you have a firm grasp of each rule before going on to the next quiz. You will know that you are ready to proceed when you have answered all the questions on a quiz correctly.

Used in classrooms across America and around the world, The Elements of Style has helped generations of students and writers learn to write grammatically correct prose. Whether you are taking a course for which Strunk’s book is required reading, or you are a writer looking to polish your style, this companion workbook can help you to learn English grammar rules and use that knowledge to make your writing exemplary.

Open Quote Mark This updated and expanded book is a ‘must-have’ desktop reference for writers and others who must produce a grammar-perfect final draft.Close Quote Mark

This book presents a collection of modern grammar, style, and punctuation rules to help you write well, self-edit efficiently, and produce a grammar-perfect final draft. It is suitable for writers, editors, proofreaders, college students, and employees in the workplace. If you write anything at all, you should have a copy of this style guide on your desk.

This edition is a major update to Strunk’s original The Elements of Style, written 100 years ago. It is inspired by Strunk’s grammar classic, follows the same point-by-point format, and presents grammar and style rules in a concise, easy-to-understand manner. The book includes many of Strunk’s rules from his original work but omits obsolete rules no longer followed today. This updated expands Strunk’s book from 38 pages to 270, and presents a collection of 500+ grammar and style rules for modern writers.

✔ Writers of all skill levels will discover quick and easy ways to recognize and fix grammar, style, and punctuation errors in their manuscripts.

✔ Students can use these rules to edit and polish book reports, essays, and other homework.

✔ Teachers can use this handbook to help students learn grammar and punctuation rules without the tears.

✔ Employees can follow these simple guidelines in the workplace to produce well-written reports, brochures, and other materials.

NOTE: This edition is now used as a textbook at more than two dozen colleges, including University of San Francisco, UC Berkeley, and University of Texas at San Antonio. But some instructors may prefer to assign an alternate textbook, either The Elements of Style: Classic Edition (2018) or the earlier edition, The Elements of Style (4th Edition) edited by E.B. White.

Open Quote MarkThis essential writing guide presents a well-organized collection of English punctuation rules and simple examples that will help you write with impact and style.Close Quote Mark

Punctuation is more important than you might think. It allows your words to tell their story. These small but crucial marks in your sentences are like road signs; without them, readers can get lost in a confusing jumble of words. Learning basic rules of punctuation is a must if you want to write well. Fortunately, the rules are easy to learn, and you will find many helpful shortcuts in this book.

The author, a distinguished editor with thirty years of experience, offers bite-size tutorials and simple advice on how to use commas, parentheses, dashes, and other punctuation marks in all kinds of writing, both fiction and nonfiction. In addition to learning easy rules to help you correctly punctuate whatever you write, you will discover that these rules are not set in stone—you can rearrange your sentences and use punctuation creatively to make your writing more concise and interesting.

✔ Writers of all skill levels will learn how to recognize and fix punctuation errors in their manuscripts, and how punctuation can be used creatively to add clarity and sparkle to their sentences.

✔ Students can use these rules to correctly punctuate term papers and other academic writing.

✔ Teachers can use this book to help students quickly grasp basic concepts of English punctuation.

✔ ESL/EFL learners will benefit from the many short, easy-to-understand examples featured in the book.

✔ Employees can follow these rules to create punctuation-perfect reports, manuals, and other documents in the workplace.

Read any chapter of this book, follow the simple rules, and you will see a fast improvement in the quality of your writing. Read a chapter a day, and in two weeks, you should have a solid grasp of punctuation and be able to add a touch of style and polish to everything you write.

This handy desktop reference expands on the author’s bestselling writing guide, Elements of Style 2017. It includes material drawn from that book but delves deeper into punctuation, providing more examples and an additional 80 pages of content. Once you have mastered the concepts in this book, you may wish to read Elements of Style 2017, which offers a comprehensive primer on English grammar, available in Kindle and paperback.

Open Quote Mark This special edition of James Allen’s classic should be in the library of every person who aspires to a life of success and happiness.Close Quote Mark

As a Man Thinks is a special edition of James Allen’s classic, As a Man Thinketh. In this book, you will learn how to use the power of thought to attract prosperity and happiness into your life. You’ll discover that you are the creator of the conditions in your life, good and bad, and you can change those conditions by changing how you think. Authors Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, and others were heavily influenced by James Allen’s writings, and Inc. Magazine praised his book as “one of the top 10 motivational books of all time.” Success coach Tony Robbins says it is his favorite book, and he has read it a dozen times.

This modern, expanded edition was developed for a course at Virtual University taught by Richard De A’Morelli, a bestselling author/editor with deep experience in the motivational field. Most versions of Allen’s book are cloned reprints of his 1903 work, but this special edition includes the full text of the book, updated and restyled for today’s readers, plus helpful tutorials discussing key points in each chapter. A bonus chapter offers daily meditations from James Allen’s popular book, Meditations for Every Day of the Year.

The wisdom of James Allen provides a foundation for living well and being happy in today’s hectic world. Whether this is your first exposure to his writings or you are already a fan, this special edition is must reading. Also available in a collector’s paperback edition. Add it to your library and give as a gift to your friends who may benefit from this wonderful message of hope and empowerment.

Open Quote Mark Discover easy steps you can take to stay sane and positive in a crazy world, and learn how making simple changes in your daily routine can help you chart a path to happiness.Close Quote Mark

Change the way you think and you will change your life. Change the way you view the future, and you will become the architect of your destiny. This book explores powerful anecdotes from everyday people who have overcome difficult life challenges and gone on to live well and be happy. You will read the author’s own story of a descent into grief after his only son was killed, and his struggle to recover. His story, just one of 28 short lessons in the book, offers hope to those who struggle with depression, self-doubt, and other negative conditions in their lives.

As you read through this book, you will learn that your happiness depends on the choices you make; on staying positive, and on never giving up your hopes and dreams. You’ll discover natural ways to reduce stress, overcome depression, build confidence, and conquer unhealthy habits. You will also learn how to stay balanced and maintain your peace of mind using simple methods such as deep relaxation, visualization, rhythm breathing, and meditation.

This book reminds us that life is short, and we must make the most of the precious time we have. When you look back over your own life, all that will matter is: Did you live well? Were you happy? Did you make others happy? Are you leaving the world a better place than it was when you came into it? How you answer those questions will be shaped by your thoughts and actions today and in the days to come.

If you have been looking for a book that will encourage you to change your life and give you a helping hand to take the first steps forward, this short course in modern living may be that inspiration. The book also makes a wonderful gift for someone in need of encouragement and a step-by-step approach to getting their life on a positive track.

Live well. Be happy. Everything else in your life will fall into place.

Open Quote Mark This book will help you learn to become the master of your own unique beauty and to discover a more beautiful you—inside and out!Close Quote Mark

We hear so much talk about “beauty,” but have you ever stopped to think about what this word means to you? The quick and easy tips in this book will help you become the master of your own unique beauty. Learn how to use that power to unlock your potential and become more self-confident, armed with assurance that you will always approach life with your best face forward.

This book will explain the many ways your feelings about yourself on the inside translate to your outer beauty, and how you can project that beauty to make others around you feel more beautiful too.

You will learn how to create your own beauty routines through a system of beauty exploration designed by the author herself and how to determine what types of beauty products will fit into your own personal routines to suit you the best.

Karen Sears is an Accredited Clinique Consultant and an Estee Lauder 5-Star Beauty Advisor who has a passion for beauty and believes in empowering women by sharing her knowledge and experiences to make the world a more beautiful place. Through her work in the beauty industry, she has often been inspired by the clients who come to see her, and she believes that every woman can be beautiful.

Open Quote Mark Awesome book. Very well written, lots of action and suspense. Looking forward to the next book. Well worth the read.Close Quote Mark

Commander Orlando Iron Wolf is aboard the International Space Station when a blinking light on his computer console alerts him to a fast moving comet headed for a collision with planet Earth.

With no way to stop the impending doomsday, the world descends into panic and anarchy. Massive transport ships are built to colonize the moon, and evacuation of a chosen few begins.

After a shuttle mission to study the approaching comet goes awry, Wolf is forced into cryogenic deep sleep, and the onboard computer assumes control of the ship.

Wolf awakens 50,000 years later to a wildly different earth. Endowed with incredible strength, he finds himself caught in a war between primitive tribes, and his survival depends on Syn, an advanced computer intelligence who has fallen in love with him.

Will Wolf be able to help restore Earth to its past glory or is civilization doomed to fail?

Open Quote MarkThis special edition brings back one of the earliest and most popular books on numerology, a bestseller in the mid-1970s, and translated into four languages.Close Quote Mark

For centuries, people have gained insights into themselves, their times, friends, and contemporaries through numerology.

NUMEROLOGY: The Key to Your Inner Self explains the Science of Numbers in a basic, easy-to-follow form. Filled with charts and interpretive guides for all the many aspects of numerological analysis, this book will enable you to quickly prepare and analyze complete and surprisingly accurate numerology charts. You will learn about yourself and your family, friends, lovers, and acquaintances more quickly and easily than with almost any other form of character analysis.

This special edition brings back one of the earliest and most popular books on numerology from the past. It was a bestseller in the mid-1970s, and it was translated into four languages. In recent years, rare collectible editions have sold for over $500. We are pleased to offer this sought-after reprint of the First Edition by arrangement with the author.

Topics explored in this Numerology classic include the Soul Urge, Latent Self, Expressive Self, Life Path, Karmic lessons, Cosmic Year, Month and Day, and an advanced personality analysis technique known as the Karmic Projection Table. The book is easy for beginners to understand but also useful to intermediate and advanced students of numerology as a handy desktop reference.

Author Richard De A’Morelli became fascinated with numerology at the age of 13, and at 18, he wrote NUMEROLOGY: The Key to Your Inner Self, his first published book, based on his analysis of more than five thousand numerology charts. Over the years since, he has written two dozen nonfiction books, twenty online courses, and three novels under pseudonyms, spanning multiple genres from psychic development and self-help/inspiration topics to creative writing, English grammar, and fiction.

Open Quote MarkThis book provides an easy-to-follow and amazingly accurate program for using the science of numbers to find lasting love and perfect happiness.Close Quote Mark

NUMEROLOGY FOR LOVERS provides an easy-to-follow and amazingly accurate program for using the science of numbers to find lasting love and perfect happiness.

In these pages, you will learn how to construct numerology love charts for yourself, your partner, and anyone else. Through these charts, you can see your destiny unfold—your future romances, physical relationships, and the powerful, hidden forces operating in your daily life.

Using numerology, you’ll be able to choose and cultivate relationships wisely, identify your ideal partner or soulmate, and build a harmonious and fulfilling environment for you and your lover that will stand the test of time. Techniques and concepts explored in this book include evaluating your Love Vibration, Romantic Destiny, Sexual Consensus, Karmic Liability, and Transcendent Challenge. Other chapters provide detailed guidelines on evaluating your relationships, assessing your emotional and physical compatibility, your love forecast, and charting your numerological life cycles.

This 50th Anniversary Edition of NUMEROLOGY FOR LOVERS has been updated and revised from cover to cover. The instructions for preparing an in-depth numerology chart have been simplified, and three new chapters have been added, offering sixty pages of invaluable new insights drawn from the thousands of numerology charts that the author has prepared and analyzed over the past fifty years.

This special edition is one of several books on numerology and parapsychology authored by Richard De A’Morelli in the 1970s that became supermarket bestsellers but have been out of print for many years. Numerology: The Key to Your Inner Self was reprinted recently, and a second edition of Psychic Power: How to Develop Your ESP will soon be released, making these popular titles available to readers once again.